Bevin Hernandez – Penn State University

  • Three types of employees: engaged (work with passion and gets things done, profoundly connected to what the org does), not engaged (people that comes for a paycheck, working but not taking risks), actively disengaged (unhappy)
  • Engaged employees: live their personal values, contribute outside org boundaries, build relationships with others, supported by team, see a noble cause
  • How do you make employees engaged. In an average organization you have 1:8 ration between engaged and others
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: biological, security, love and relationship (sense of belonging), self esteem need, self actualization needs are very meaningful and not too considered by organizations
  • Creating triathic relationships to improve connectiveness and overcome broken connections
  • Engaging people: Launching a community is like is being the first to start dancing alone.. then a second one joins in, the the third and then the mass. Inside the enterprise the size is smaller
  • Change capacity is limited: help people to change a little bit at a time respecting their change capacity
  • Penn developed an action plan: Two axes social, purpose: Lost (no purpose, not social), Social butterfly (social not org purpose giving social bad name in enterprises), “Type A. All work no play” (hard worker but no network), The magic (hard worker using connectivity). You cannot move people diagonally. Help type A to collaborate and leverage other people to get their work done, to transform them in Magic. The social butterfly is connect them to the sense of purpose in the organization. Lost can be moved to Social butterfly or Type A connecting them to others and to purpose based on their character
  • That’s needed to let employees feel really connected to the brand bringing people together
  • Solution doesn’t reside in forgetting about everything but in looking at things from a different perspective

Emanuele Quintarelli

Entrepreneur and Org Emergineer at Cocoon Projects | Associate Partner at Peoplerise | LSP and Holacracy Facilitator

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