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Enterprise 2.0 Pilots. Yes or No? It depends

By now, many of you will have surely read the recent Drop the Pilot post in which Andrew McAfee, the Enterprise 2.0 father, manifested clear criticism against the way enterprise 2.0 projects are currently launched...

Privacy Concerns in European Enterprise 2.0 Initiatives 0

Privacy Concerns in European Enterprise 2.0 Initiatives

I’ll never stop thanking Susan Scrupski for the tremendous work she’s carrying on with the 2.0 Adoption Council towards a systematic and mature understanding of the most controversial aspects of Enterprise 2.0. After the recent A Framework...


Enterprise 2.0 Framework

This is the translation of an old italian post discussing an operative framework I’ve been using a lot recently to help managers to understand the different perspectives from which Enterprise 2.0 can be addressed....