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From Social to Business 3

From Social to Business

Something has changed, for ever, in the way social is seen and is going to be addressed by organizations in every part of the world. If for good or bad, you’ll judge for yourself....


Socializing the extended value chain

It’s probably since the very moment I started focusing my attention on Enterprise 2.0 that I wanted to understand how it might have worked a company where formal and informal exchanges supported each other,...

Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 – Day 2 0

Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 – Day 2

Best Practices for Regaining Business Agility Dr. CheeChin Liew, Project & Community Manager, BASF SE, Germany He’s covering connect.BASF – Online Business Network of BASF: BASF world’s leading chemical company, 105K employees, $50M sales,...