Social collaboration that works

Social collaboration has been more art than science. Organizations and practitioners have experienced this on their own skin and the unfortunate truth is well known among consultants.

While any company and any project are a different story, I believe there is still much to learn. Other than directly helping our clients, together with Stefano Besana I’ve tried to accelerate this growing awareness by launching the Social Collaboration Survey, the first free, public, quantitative study in Italy regarding the challenges, best practices and most effective strategies for success in Social Enterprise initiatives.

300 companies from every industry and of every size have generously shared their data and perspective to let the entire market understand both the state of Social Collaboration and the critical levers that distinguish top performers from laggards.

Thanks to it, in the results you’ll find detailed information about the level of maturity, business benefits, barriers, accelerators,¬†budgets, roll-out strategies, available resources, approaches to¬†result measurement, integration of collaboration to external social media and much more. Exactly what you need to avoid expensive mistakes that others have done before you and to convince your management about the best way to get started.

Now all this information is available to you in a synthetic form (25 diagrams circa) and in english. Feel free to read and use the data to guide your projects and your reasoning:

While the study has been conducted in Italy, one of the lessons learned from the recent Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014 in Paris is that most of the evidences resonate both with other European and with non European countries. Italy or Europe may be a bit behind but overall we are all fighting the same battle with the same weapons.

Yet another reason to keep battling together!

Emanuele Quintarelli

Entrepreneur and Org Emergineer at Cocoon Projects | Associate Partner at Peoplerise | LSP and Holacracy Facilitator