Category: ENTERPRISE 2.0


The Social Collaboration Taxonomy

As our Social Collaboration Survey demonstrated, user adoption is clearly the top concern for many large enterprises where senior management struggles to convince the rest of organization to transition towards more participative, transparent and agile...


Solving the inception paradox

Organizations are not used to deal with communities.  Communities are made of passion, energy, relationships and knowledge. Human beings are the main ingredient. Their inner dynamics are not deterministic, nonlinear and very hard to...


The Collaborative Knowledge Ecosystem

Since the seventies and for a number of decades, Knowledge Management has represented a real obsession for private companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations. Thanks to dedicated skills, newly born responsibilities and technology based solutions the collection, transfer and...


Exploring the quantum leap

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the long-term ambition of  your collaborative tool, employee community, internal ideation project? Is it about getting colleagues enthused, providing innovative solutions to business pains, helping people to go home happier and...


The way to the Connected Organization

It has probably been since the very first collaborative tool crossed the company firewall (2009 circa) that managers and consultants started looking for ways to map the Social Enterprise terrain and to understand both the firm’s...


Social collaboration that works

Social collaboration has been more art than science. Organizations and practitioners have experienced this on their own skin and the unfortunate truth is well known among consultants. While any company and any project are...

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